Mountain Bike Parts

One of my favorite hobbies is souping up cars. Taking what the car has to offer, finding areas that could be improved, and making changes that made the car respond the way I drive. I used to be all about horsepower. But as time went on, braking and handling have become most important.

Much like cars, mountain bikes are a ton of fun with all the tweaking and tuning you can do. Most mountain bikes you buy these days are built with a specific riding style in mind. It may or may not suit where you do most of your riding. No problem! There are a ton of bike parts available on the market from mass manufacturers as well as smaller, made in America, shops.

There’s a lot of choices! Below we talk about all the different parts to a  mountain bike with a focus on featuring American builders.


Mountain Bike Parts Makers

If you look, you’d be surprised how many custom fabricators we have right here in America.

They’re designing, employing, building, AND manufacturing high-end mountain bike components. These guys are dedicated. And as an employer, it’s no easy task to make the decision to not only design, but also manufacturer the parts right here on US soil.

The labor costs are the biggest challenge for them. But for the love of their craft and their country, they choose to do it.

Please, if you’re looking for some fantastic, top grade, mountain bike parts. Go thru our list, find a made in America parts maker, and help them and our economy.

You’ll get a top end product from some of the most talented craftsman we’ve ever had a chance to meet.

Help: If you know of an American mountain bike parts maker that I don’t have listed in this section, please contact me, I want this list to be the most complete list on the web and give all these hard workers as much free advertising as I can.


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