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SRAM XX1 Chapter 3: XC

We Are Enduro

Talking about “enduro” it’s spontaneous to ask what this sport really is. Lately it’s very common to hear about people that are saying:” I’m doing enduro!” or “Ok, I’m going to change my bike, I’m for an enduro”. At the same time it’s also common to read by the international forum writers that many are interested in the race formula and how a proper enduro race should be. For this discipline this is a glorious period with a massive international attention and it represents indeed a new chapter in the mountain bike history. First in France and after in Italy the things started by an initial competitive spirit that joined together with that special feeling of leaving the brakes and beat the clock, as those early pioneers on the Repack nearly 40 years ago. Truly, what is enduro? To introduce the video that anticipate the release of their website here there are the quotes about enduro by the members of the Italian enduro team LIFE CYCLE. http://www.life-cycle.eu/

MTB In Jersey

Jason Fenton has building and maintaining mountain bike trails in the heart of Central New Jersey since 2004. The Dirt Merchant takes a peek into what it means to be a mountain biker and cyclist in the middle of some of America’s densest suburban sprawl.

Film by Adam Nawrot.

Dubstep.net November 2012 Mix by Naza

————– Mixed by NAZA on TWO TURNTABLES AND A MIXER…100% Live!!!————–

*Tracklist Links Below:

01. Hold Your Breath by Protohype & Kezwik : http://www.dubstep.net/track/hold-your-breath-by-protohype

02. Decisions by Borgore (Mutrix Remix) : http://www.dubstep.net/track/decisions-by-borgore-mutrix

03. Come Alive by Mutrix ft. Charity Vance (Felxprod Remix) : http://soundcloud.com/dubstep/come-alive-by-mutrix-ft

04. Escape by Rogue : http://www.dubstep.net/track/escape-by-rogue

05. Collapse by Obscenity : http://www.dubstep.net/track/collapse-by-obscenity

06. Forever With You by Must Die! : http://www.dubstep.net/track/forever-with-you-by-must-die

07. Touch Sound by Xilent : http://www.dubstep.net/track/touch-sound-by-xilent

08. Feel For You by 501 : http://www.dubstep.net/track/feel-for-you-by-501

09. Breakspeed by Dino Safari : http://www.dubstep.net/track/breakspeed-by-dino-safari

10. Tomahawk by Apashe (Kai Wachi Remix) : http://www.dubstep.net/track/tomahawk-by-apashe-kai-wachi

11. Zi-Zi’s Journey by Lindsey Stirling : http://www.dubstep.net/track/zi-zis-journey-by-lindsey

12. Smash! by Quartus Saul (Tetrix Bass Remix) : http://www.dubstep.net/track/smash-by-quartus-saul-tetrix

13. Kick It by SKisM ft. Zomboy : http://soundcloud.com/dubstep/kick-it-by-skism-ft-zomboy

14. Bring It Back by Rusko : http://www.dubstep.net/track/bring-it-back-by-rusko

15. Gate Of Fate (MUST DIE! & Street Lurkin Remix) – Dubstep.NET Exclusive : http://www.dubstep.net/track/gate-of-fate-must-die-street-lurkin

16. Wide Awake by Back From The Future – Dubstep.NET Exclusive : http://www.dubstep.net/track/wide-awake-by-back-from-the-future

17. Awakening by Dabin ft. Bijou : http://www.dubstep.net/track/awakening-by-dabin-ft-bijou

18. What by Lisa Rowe – Dubstep.NET Exclusive : http://www.dubstep.net/track/what-by-lisa-rowe-dubstep-net

19. Another Radio Song by Quartus Saul & Jacq : http://www.dubstep.net/track/another-radio-song-by-quartus-jacq

20. Close Encounter by Pegboard Nerds : http://www.dubstep.net/track/close-encounter-by-pegboard

21. Ayah Bass by Trigga & Virus Syndicate (Eptic Remix) : http://www.dubstep.net/track/ayah-bass-by-trigga-virus

22. Alive by Krewella (Pegboard Nerds Remix) : http://www.dubstep.net/track/alive-by-krewella-pegboard

23. Blow It Up by Chimeric – Dubstep.NET Exclusive : http://www.dubstep.net/track/alive-by-krewella-pegboard

24. Swords Dance by Poizon – Dubstep.NET Exclusive : http://www.dubstep.net/track/swords-dance-by-poizon-dubstep

25. Bass Star by BARE : http://www.dubstep.net/track/bass-star-by-bare

26. Wreckage VIP by Mortar : http://www.dubstep.net/track/wreckage-vip-by-mortar

27. Night Life by Gold Top – Dubstep.NET Exclusive : http://www.dubstep.net/track/night-life-by-gold-top-dubstep

28. Prism by Leviathan : http://www.dubstep.net/track/prism-by-leviathan

29. All Night by Flinch : http://soundcloud.com/dubstep/all-night-by-flinch

30. Churched Out by Helicopter Showdown – Dubstep.NET Exclusive : http://www.dubstep.net/track/churched-out-by-helicopter-showdown-dubstepnet-exclusive

31. Ravin’ by Getter & Mantis : http://www.dubstep.net/track/ravin-by-getter-mantis

32. Aurora by Urban Contact : http://www.dubstep.net/track/aurora-by-urban-contact

33. Flexstar by The Widdler : http://www.dubstep.net/track/flexstar-by-the-widdler

34. Monsters by Diamond Eyes – Dubstep.NET Exclusive : http://www.dubstep.net/track/monsters-by-diamond-eyes

35. Dark Child by Daytona – Dubstep.NET Exclusive : http://soundcloud.com/dubstep/dark-child-by-daytona-dubstep-net-exclusive

36. Need Your Heart by Adventure Club ft. Kai (Minnesota Remix) : http://www.dubstep.net/track/need-your-heart-by-adventure-club-minnesota-remix

37. Dirty by Dirtyphonics (Synchronice Remix) : http://www.dubstep.net/track/dirty-by-dirtyphonics-1

38. Experts by SKiSM : http://www.dubstep.net/track/experts-by-skism

39. Raise Your Fist by Destroid : http://www.dubstep.net/track/destroid-1-raise-your-fist-by

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