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[Stuff I Like] SpeedHunters, SIGGRAPH, Knife Party, and Sand Castles

If you’ve ever read my About page I mentioned that I wanted to make sure I posted up some articles on things not entirely about mountain biking. I hope to give you as readers an idea of the other interests that I am into and other intriguing news. I hope you find something new to enjoy yourself.

SpeedHunters.com JDM Widebody Lambo

This is probably sacrilege to some and definitely not my favorite article from SpeedHunters but I feel it does reflect their out of the box auto reporting and amazing photography. I’ve been hooked on reading SpeedHunters daily for months now. They have some of the best photography on the web and they give away really large wallpaper photos at the bottom of most of their articles. They feature all kinds of racing from the United States to Japan. They feature drifting, time attack, drag racing, car shows, and have tons of car features. If you like cars you really need to visit their site often.

JDM Widebody Murcielago
JDM Widebody Murcielago


SIGGRAPH Asia 2012 Technical Papers Preview

Sick future of computer graphics and rendering.


Knife Party Mixmag Mix – ‘Clever Title Like Deadmau5 Would Use’

I am a huge electronic dance music fan. I listen to everything from house to dubstep and everything in between. I hope to show readers some of the best mixes and tracks I find across the web from time to time. This week I’ve been really enjoying Knife Party’s mix they did for MixMag this month. It’s full of VIP tracks (variation in production) and remixes. Pick up a copy of the magazine to get it on CD.

If you dig dubstep you should also check out Never Say Die Records’ mixes. They put out free ones all the time. They have some big time artists signed to them as well: Skism, Dodge and Fuski, Eptic, and Zomboy.


Awesome Sand Castles

I loved building sand castles as a kid but none of mine were as interesting as these. I’m sure we’ve all seen some of the big sand sculptures done by various artists but Calvin Seibert has taken sand in a different direction, making amazing architectural structures. Check out his full Flickr set of work.

Box Builder Sand Castles
Calvin Seibert sand castles

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