Old Glory MTB Plans For 2013

2013 Plans For The Future

As we enter a new year everyone is making resolutions and setting goals for what they want to accomplish in 2013. I want to share with everyone what I plan to write and create for this website in the coming year. I want Old Glory MTB to grow in every way to satisfy readers’ appetite for American made mountain bike news.

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.”– Albert Einstein

Old Glory MTB Plans For 2013
  • Product Guides – I want to create product guide articles covering parts like brakes, forks, wheels, etc. While all the products won’t be American made, everyone should be able to benefit from the knowledge to spec out their American made bike builds.
  • Guide To Choosing A Custom Frame Builder – This article is one that I started before the new year and plan to publish early this month. The guide will feature the top considerations potential customers for custom handmade frames should look into when choosing a frame builder for their next project.
  • Personally Choose A Frame Builder To Work With To Have An American Made Bike Built For Myself – At some point this year I’d like to start working with an American custom handmade builder to build a bike for myself. I want to work with someone that will help me document the process for articles on the site with detailed photographs and insight.
  • Start Training More Frequently Using Bike James MTB Workout Routines – Previously I’ve used Bike James’ DB Combos workout routine and had some pretty good luck with it. I think it helped my riding a good bit and was a fun workout to do. For 2013 I plan on buying his more thorough Ultimate MTB Workout Plan to really hit the ground running for next season.
  • Visit Handmade Builder Shops — I think these visits will be the most fun of all of the projects I want to undertake this year. I’m extremely excited to get out and meet various builders in my local area and hopefully do some traveling to builders a bit further away. I think these articles will be very interesting getting to know the personalities and philosophies of builders in America. I plan on doing video interviews and large picture galleries to give the articles nice media depth.
  • 2013 NAHBS CoverageThe North American Handmade Bicycle Show is just around the corner at the end of February in Denver, CO. I plan on having some coverage from the event. I want to focus on suggested builders from my readers and some personal favorites. Please let me know who you want to see coverage on this year.
  • Podcasting – I have been in talks with Mountain Bike Radio for a while now to start doing some podcasting with them. I feel a bi-weekly show will be a good interval for podcasting, allowing for me to talk about recent topics on this site and future articles I have in process.
  • Continue To Cover Exciting American MTB News – As always I plan to keep on the pulse of American made mountain biking bringing readers the latest news I find and is sent into me.
  • Spotlight American Athletes As They Compete – As the new year starts to warm up so will event coverage and American rider spotlights. I want to try to keep readers up to date with the performance of top American MTB athletes in various racing formats from cross country to downhill and enduro to slopestyle.

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