XC Mountain Bike


XC, also known as cross country, mountain bikes have a focus on climbing speed and endurance. Overall bike builds aim for light weight that are efficient.

Historically they were built with a hardtail and suspension fork. But nowadays, many XC mountain bikes are equipped with a front and rear suspension.

This series of bike has become very popular with the 29″ wheel crowd and many racers are running 29″ wheels.

To characterize the use case for these bikes, most think of using the XC for 80% hills and 20% flat riding.

XC Mountain Bike Build

Typical setup of a Freeride mountain bike include:

  • Suspension: Front suspension hardtail in rear. And full-suspension in front and rear.
  • Suspension Travel
    • Front: 3.9″ to 5.9″ (approx) of travel with a single-crown or dual-crown fork
    • Rear: 3.9″ to 5.9″ of travel
  • Brakes: Disc brakes, both front and rear.
  • -Tubing: Light weight is the focus. The lighter the better.
  • -Weight: 15 to 35 lbs is a typical range

Check out our collection of XC mountain bikes. Most of which are made right here in America.


2013 Ventana Alpino 27.5

2013 Ventana Alpino 27.5 650B Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Ventana has released their latest American made 27.5" (650B) full suspension mountain bike frame called Alpino. The Alpino features 120mm ...
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2014 Foes Shaver XC 27.5

2014 Foes Shaver XC 650B 27.5 Mountain Bike

Foes is continually evolving their bikes year after year to get the most performance out of them. For 2014 Foes ...
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2014 Lynskey Pro 26

2014 Lynskey Pro26 Titanium Hardtail Mountain Bike

Lynskey has updated their Pro line of bikes for 2014 with modern features. They recently published a gallery of their ...
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2014 Moots YBB 27.5 650B Titanium Mountain Bike

2014 Moots YBB 27.5 650B Titanium Mountain Bike

Moots is now officially offering their YBB titanium mountain bike frame in 27.5/650B. They were offering a 27.5" version in ...
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2014 Thomson Elite 275 titanium mountain bike

2014 Thomson Elite 275 Titanium Mountain Bike And Covert Seatpost

Thomson had a big announcement at Core Bike this year. They have partnered with Lynskey (who makes handmade frames in ...
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2014 Turner Flux 650B 27.5

2014 Turner Flux 650B 27.5 Mountain Bike

Looks like Turner's latest mountain bike being shown around already. Bike Rumor has shots of the new 2014 Turner Flux ...
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2016 Guerrilla Gravity Pedalhead in Safety Third Orange

2016 Guerrilla Gravity Pedalhead 27.5+ 29er Hardtail MTB Colors

Guerrilla Gravity has updated their site with new photos of their Pedalhead 27.5+/29" hardtail dressed up in their available frame ...
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2016 Black Cat Bicycles Holy Mountain 27.5+ hardtail

2016 NAHBS – Black Cat Holy Mountain 27.5+ Hardtail

Todd was a little lack for words in his video but the photos from the Radavist make up for it ...
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2016 Breadwinner Goodwater 27.5+ hardtail mountain bike

2016 NAHBS – Breadwinner Goodwater 27.5+ Hardtail Mountain Bike

The Goodwater from Breadwinner follows in the steps of the Bad Otis that Breadwinner has previously produced. The Goodwater features ...
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2016 Retrotec 27.5+ hardtail

2016 NAHBS – Retrotec 27.5+ Hardtail Mountain Bike

Loving the curves on this hardtail from Retrotec. Curtis knows how to make a bike look sexy no matter what ...
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2016 NAHBS – Soulcraft 27.5+ – REEB SqWEEB

There were a lot of nice mountain bikes at this year's 2016 North American Handmade Bicycle Show. Here is another ...
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44 Bikes owner/builder Kris Henry's personal ride

44 Bikes Personal Ride And Builder Spotlight

Kris of 44 Bikes recently updated his blog about his personal bike for 2013. Kris rides a 29" hardtail he ...
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44Bike Kid Dangerous 29er mountain bike

44Bikes Kid Dangerous

Bike Rumor caught up with a Swiss rider to check out their custom 44Bikes Kid Dangerous single speed 29er. The ...
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Aussie Rob's custom Appleman carbon frame

Aussie Rob’s Custom Appleman Carbon Hardtail Mountain Bike

In the custom bike realm it's not uncommon to see riders with several bikes from the same builder. This is ...
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Black Cat Bicycles build article

Black Cat Bicycles Full Frame Build

Todd Ingermanson of Black Cat Bicycles has put up a very detailed article showcasing a full frame build. Todd includes ...
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Chumba Rastro

Chumba Rastro Mountain Bike Made In The USA

Chumba had their new Rastro hardtail out at the 2014 Interbike Dirt Demo. The frame is handmade in Texas out ...
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bike frame welding

Classes To Learn Mountain Bike Frame Building

Have you ever thought about designing and building your own bicycle frame? It may sound incredibly hard but there are ...
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Cysco Cycles titanium 650B hardtail mountain bike

Cysco Cycles Does Titanium 650B

Cysco Cycles out of Chattanooga, TN attended the Southeast Bike Expo at the end of February with a bevvy of ...
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Lenz Sport Revelation 650B

Lenz Sport Revelation 650B

If you can't get your fix of enough of these great looking 650B/27.5" rides, Lenz Sport out of Colorado has ...
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Lynskey Pro29 FS120

Lynskey Pro29 FS120 Production Bike Revealed

Lynskey posted up some nice looking photos of their Pro29 FS120 mountain bike on facebook. The bike has been seen ...
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2013 Lynskey Pro650 FS-140 titanium full suspension mountain bike

Lynskey Silver Series MT650, MT29 and Pro650 FS-140

Lynskey Performance has released several new mountain bikes recently. First off they have announced the release of their latest titanium ...
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Made In Colorado 3D Racing Has A New 29+ Mountain Bike

Made In Colorado 3D Racing Has A New 29+ Mountain Bike

Twenty Nine Inches has some nifty spy shots of 3D Racing's latest 29+ mountain bike creation. The aluminum frame sports ...
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2013 Turner Czar

More Details On 2013 Turner Czar 29″ Carbon Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Just ahead of Sea Otter it looks like Turner is letting the cat totally out of the bag on their ...
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custom Engin 27.5 hardtail

Peter Verdone’s Custom Engin Cycles 27.5 Hardtail

Peter Verdone has published a nice post on his custom Engin Cycles 27.5" hardtail. Peter came up with the geometry ...
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2016 Chumba Ursa 29+

Review: 2016 Chumba Ursa 29+ BC

BikePacking.com has put together a really nice review article on the Chumba Ursa 29+ BC. This bike was designed for ...
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Peacock Groove Rigid 29er mountain bike

T.C.’s Custom Peacock Groove Rigid 29er

T.C. Worley at Gear Junkie has posted up an article on his custom made Peacock Groove rigid 29er. The bike ...
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Turner Bikes Burner 650B mountain bike

Tradeshow Roundup – 2013 Turner Bikes Burner 650B and Sultan

For 2013 Turner Bikes is jumping into the 650B arena with their Burner bike. They had several of them ready ...
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2013 NAHBS - Alliance Bicycles Titanium 29er Hardtail

[2013 NAHBS] Alliance Bicycles – Titanium 29er Hardtail

photos by: Jake Moore Erik Rolf – Alliance Bicycles - Ketchum, Idaho When you build your bikes how do they ...
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Castle Frameworks - entrant for Best Steel Construction at 2013 NAHBS

[2013 NAHBS] Castle Frameworks – 650B Hardtail and Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

Eric Coury is at the helm of Castle Frameworks in Hailey, Idaho. He was an entrant in the Best Steel ...
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Mosaic titanium dirt jumper

[2013 NAHBS] Mosaic Cycles – Titanium Hardtail MTB and Titanium Dirt Jumper

photos by: Jake Moore Mosaic Cycles out of Boulder, Colorado had a nice booth at the 2013 North American Handmade ...
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2015 Groovy Cycleworks Titanium Rigid

[2015 NAHBS] Groovy Cycleworks Titanium 29er Rigid Singlespeed

This is a pure bred race machine designed for the owner of Groovy Cycleworks' daughter. She races in the statewide ...
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Oddity Cycles 29+ 2015

[2015 NAHBS] Oddity Cycles Rigid 29+

Oddity Cycles is out of Ft. Collins, Colorado. I got to talk to Burnsey about his personal ride at the ...
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2015 Quiring 29+

[2015 NAHBS] Quiring Cycles 29+ Titanium Rigid Mountain Bike

I didn't get to meet up with Scott Quiring of Quiring Cycles at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show this ...
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2015 Silent Cycles Rigid 29er NAHBS

[2015 NAHBS] Silent Cycles Rigid Mountain Bike

I got to speak with Justin of Silent Cycles at the 2015 North American Handmade Bicycle Show about his custom ...
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Vlad Cycles 2015

[2015 NAHBS] Vlad Cycles 27.5/29 Custom

I got to meet up with Vlad from Vlad Cycles out of Boonton, New Jersey to check out his custom ...
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custom built By:Stickel 29er with Waltworks fork

[American Ride] bRad Allen’s Golden By:Stickel 29er

I ran across Brad's Golden By:Stickel on MTBR and thought that it was a very unique bike. The frame had ...
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rear view

[American Ride] Greg Ooley’s Custom Black Cat Rigid 29er

I came across this beauty of a rigid 29er on MTBR a while back and asked the owner if I ...
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FORM Cycles Prevail Titanium 29er mountain bike

[American Ride] Jonathan Guerdrum’s FORM Cycles Prevail Titanium 29er

I came across Jonathan's FORM Cycles Prevail custom titanium 29er hardtail on Reddit's /MTB  section. He posted up some great information ...
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Lynskey M2923 in backpacking mode

[Bike Build] Lynskey M2923 Dual Sport Backpacking Mountain Bike

Backpacking on a mountain bike can be a lot of fun if done right. You can cover lots of distance ...
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Titanium Firefly Bicycles mountain bike

[Bike Lust] Firefly Bicycles Titanium Mountain Bike

Firefly Bicycles just posted some hot looking photos of their first bike produced in their new location. It features a Rholoff  ...
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Dave's Cruiser by Groovy Cycleworks

[Bike Lust] Groovy Cycleworks – Dave’s Cruiser MTB

Rody from Groovy Cycleworks posted up some great looking photos of one of his latest custom mountain bikes. This happens ...
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Siren Twinzer 29

[Bike Lust] Siren Bicycles Twinzer Steel 29er

I've always liked the Siren Bicycles Twinzer frame. It's long smooth curves and distinctive twin top tubes make for a ...
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Watson Cycles Runination 27.5 belt drive mountain bike

[Bike Lust] Watson Cycles Custom 27.5 (650B) Steel Ruination Mountain Bike

Andrew Watson of Watson Cycles posted some great looking shots of his latest creation on Facebook recently. I really like ...
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Turner Bikes Czar carbon fiber 29

[Prototype] Turner Bikes Goes Carbon Fiber On 29″ Full Suspension Czar

If this would have came out on April 1st I would have believed this as an April Fools. Bike Rumor ...
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Intense Spider 29 - Made In The USA

[Review] 2013 Intense Cycles Spider 29 Mountain Bike

The "Spider" model has been in Intense's lineup for a while now and for good reason. The model was initially ...
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2013 Turner Burner 650B mountain bike

[Review] 2013 Turner Burner 650B

Bike Radar has published a review article on the American made Turner Burner 650B that was originally seen in What ...
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44 Bikes Kid Dangerous rigid 29er

[Review] 44 Bikes Rigid Kid Dangerous 29er

29in.ch (love the creative URL) has a review up on 44 Bikes Kid Dangerous. This particular bike was custom built ...
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Vassago VerHauen 29er

[Review] American Made Vassago VerHauen 29er Mountain Bike

MTBR recently published a full review on the Vassago VerHauen mountain bike frame. For the review they had the bike ...
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[Review] Ellsworth Evolution Full Suspension 29er

[Review] Ellsworth Evolution Full Suspension 29er

Ellsworth Bicycles has a long and storied past in mountain biking. Their bikes are handmade in the western United States ...
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Lynskey MT650 titanium mountain bike made in the USA

[Review] Lynskey MT650 27.5 Affordable American Made Titanium Mountain Bike

Lynskey released their Silver Series in 2013 aimed at giving riders a nice American made titanium mountain bike without the ...
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Moots MX Divide 29er

[Review] Moots MX Divide 29″ Titanium Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Switchback Mountain Biking recently published a review on the American made Moots MX Divide 29" titanium full suspension mountain bike ...
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Reeb 29er

[Review] REEB All Mountain 29 Steel Mountain Bike

I've posted numerous articles on REEB Cycles but there aren't a whole lot of rider reviews. Fortunately PinkBike has came ...
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REEB Cycles steel 29

[Review] REEB Cycles Steel 29″ Gates Drive Hardtail Mountain Bike

Reviews of American made mountain bikes are always interesting. After looking at so many photos of great looking bikes and ...
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REEB Cycles Tyreeb

[Review] REEB Cycles TyReeb Titanium Hardtail Mountain Bike

Finding a trail oriented XC bike can be a bit tricky. Do you want racey geo or are you looking ...
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Turner Flux 27.5 review

[Review] Turner Flux 27.5 Made In The USA

Bike198 has a sweet little review of the Turner Flux. The Flux is Turner's 120mm 27.5" XC/trail bike. Find out ...
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Turner Sultan

[Review] Turner Sultan Full Suspension 29er

Bike Radar has a review posted on the full suspension 29er Turner Sultan DW-Link. They praise it's handling, pedaling, and ...
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Vassago VerHauen

[Review] Vassago Verhauen Steel 29er

The Verhauen from Vassago is a Portland made 29er frame that can be ran geared or single speed. Recently Switchback ...
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Ventana El Ciclon mountain bike

[Review] Ventana El Ciclon

Dirt Rag has published a review on Ventana's El Ciclón 26" trail bike. The El Ciclón offers 140mm or 150mm ...
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2013 Turner Czar 29er

[Video] Dave Turner Talks About The Carbon Fiber Czar

Hot on the heals of a great interview with Jeff Steber, SickLines has published another interview with an American mountain ...
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Dave Turner and the Flux 27.5

[Video] Interview With Dave Turner On The Flux 27.5

MTBR has a great interview with Dave Turner in their article on the 2014 Turner Flux 27.5. Dave explains a ...
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Turner Flux 27.5

[Video] Turner Flux 27.5 In The Wild

Turner Flux 27.5 from turnerbikes on Vimeo. The new Flux 27.5 mountain bike has been completely redesigned from the ground ...
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