Mountain Bike Lists

Mountain Bike Lists

We love mountain bikes! It’s our passion. And we spend days trolling the internet looking at new and upcoming bikes and designs. As we find stuff we like, we’ll post it here.

Indy Fab's fat bike was BRIGHT

2014 NAHBS Mountain Bike Coverage Roundup #2

I have another big news round up full of American made MTB greatness. In this roundup I have some fat ...
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2014 NAHBS Hometown Manufacturing 29er hardtail

2014 NAHBS Roundup #1 – Hometown Manufacturing – 44 Bikes – Boo Bicycles

This last weekend was the 2014 North American Handmade Bicycle Show in Charlotte, North Carolina. There is a ton of ...
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retrotec NAHBS 2014

2014 North American Handmade Bicycle Show Mountain Bike News Roundup #4

This has been a big week for those of us that enjoy American made mountain bikes and the craftsman ship ...
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2014 NAHBS Mountain Bike Videos

2014 North American Handmade Bicycle Show MTB Videos

The official North American Handmade Bicycle show YouTube channel is full of great videos from the event this past weekend ...
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44 Bikes rigid SS 2014 NAHBS

2014 North American Handmade Bicycle Show Roundup #3

Continued coverage from the 2014 North American Handmade Bicycle Show keeps on coming. In this roundup take a look at ...
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drop dead sexy Alchemy Arktos

American Handmade Mountain Bike Showcase – February 2017

February has had a bevy of fantastic mountain bike builds published across the web. Here is my roundup for the ...
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Sklar Rigid Fat Bike

American Handmade Mountain Bike Showcase: January 2017

A new year brings lots of new handcrafted mountain bikes. I've made a little bit a title change for the ...
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2015 Foes Racing Mutz Fat Bike

Bike Lust – 14 New American Made Mountain Bikes

I hope everyone's holidays were great. I know I enjoyed having things slow down a bit and spend time with ...
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44 Bikes single speed

Bike Lust – Alliance 44 Bikes Appleman Bicycle Fab Wraith Firefly

I've been a total slacker lately with posts. Sorry about that. Real life has been busy. Hope these hot American ...
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2016 Meriwether single speed rigid klunk

Bike Lust – Meriweather – Sklar – Oddity – Chumba – Moonmen

Long time since I've done one of these. Gotta get back on the horse and keep up. Hope you enjoy ...
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Rock Lobster hardtail

Bike Lust – Rock Lobster Durango Alliance Renovo Groovy Mosaic Sklar

I hope Thanksgiving was good for everyone. Hopefully you've been able to get out and burn some of those calories ...
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Indy Fab Chubby D-Lux for 45NRTH

Bike Lust – Ti Cycles Oxide Indy Fab Moots Oddity Sklar Meriwether

February is upon us and it seems like everyone is doing a lot of fat biking. I myself am ready ...
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Moonmen #M04 29+

Bike Lust – Wiseman Moonmen DeSalvo Sycip 44 Oxide Seven

Thanksgiving is coming up. I'm sure the owners of these great bikes are very thankful to have such a nice ...
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Retrotec Fat Bike

Bike Lust Fat Bike Edition – Matter Retrotec Honey Lynskey

Winter is upon us and fat bikes are showing up in droves. Check out the latest hot rides from American ...
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Ultimate Listing: Mountain Bikes Made In America

Ultimate Listing: Mountain Bikes Made In America

The United States has a wide array of bicycle builders across the entire nation. While the major American brands like ...
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2015 Black Sheep titanium

[2015 NAHBS] Best Of The Rest Wrapup – Part 1

This is a roundup of the rest of the great looking and incredibly well built mountain bikes that were at ...
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2015 Savvy Cycles wood 29er

[2015 NAHBS] Best Of The Rest Wrapup – Part 2

This is a roundup of the rest of the great looking and incredibly well built mountain bikes that were at ...
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Breadwinner JB Racer SS

[Bike Lust] – Groovy Firefly Black Cat Intense Alliance Breadwinner

It's been a rough wait to have enough bikes to post up a good Bike Lust article. Apparently everyone is ...
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Inglis Fat Bike

[Bike Lust] – Victoria Cycles Moonmen Inglis Renovo Strong Coconino 44 Bikes

Here is my latest collection of great looking American made mountain bikes from across the web. Victoria Cycles MTB Moonmen ...
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single speed fat bike by Inglis/Retrotec

[Bike Lust] – Vlad Graham Coconino Firefly Wiseman English Retrotec Oddity Alliance Strong Durango

School is back in session for the kiddos and it also looks like a lot of builders are schooling others ...
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2014 Guerrilla Gravity Megatrail

[Bike Lust] 2014 Guerrilla Gravity Megatrail Enduro Mountain Bike

Guerrilla Gravity recently posted up the first photo of their demo Megatrail enduro trail bike. They've had the coming soon ...
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44 Bikes Beezie's 650B

[Bike Lust] 44 Bikes Beezie 650B – Groovy Cycleworks Brook Trout – UBI Student Bikes

Custom builders have been blowing up Facebook recently with some really great looking builds. Here are a few of the ...
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Independent Fabrication 650B Deluxe Reynolds 921

[Bike Lust] 44 Bikes Hardtail – Groovy Cycleworks Custom – Indy Fab – Black Cat Custom

Apparently everyone is out riding and building with no time to update blogs and Facebook. This is a good thing ...
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Tyler's Engin Cycles Rigid 29er

[Bike Lust] 44 Bikes Oddity Stinner Bicycle Fab Chumba 616 Sklar Engin

We are well into Spring now and it seems like everyone is out on the trails. I've put together a ...
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44 Bikes Rigid mountain bike

[Bike Lust] 44 Bikes Singlespeed Sweet Tooth

No details on this murdered out 44 Bikes ride, but it definitely is sweet ...
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616 Bike Fab rigid 29er

[Bike Lust] 616 Bicycle Fab Custom Rigid Steel 29er Mountain Bike

616 Bicycle Fabrication posted this beast on their Facebook as part of their Bike Pr0n Fridays. It's a great looking ...
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Wolfhound Cycles hardtail 29

[Bike Lust] Amanda’s Custom Wolfhound Cycles Steel 29er Hardtail Mountain Bike

Wolfhound Cycles makes some very swoopy mountain bikes. They have a unique style that I really dig. Owner/Builder Fred Cuthbert's latest ...
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Firefly 650B titanium hardtail

[Bike Lust] Attack Of The 650B’s – Retrotec – Firefly – BMW – Rosko and a 29er Reeb

Here is my latest collection of 2-wheeled awesomeness from around the web. It just so happens that almost all of ...
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Retrotec Double mountain bike

[Bike Lust] Black Sheep Bikes, By:Stickel, Retrotec, Mosaic Cycles

Black Sheep Bikes - Sid's 29+ High Light I'm a sucker for swoopy old school looking frames. This High Light ...
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Alliance titanium full suspension 29er

[Bike Lust] Black Sheep Customs – Black Cat Hardtail – Alter Cycles – 44 Bikes Rigid SS – Alliance Titanium FS 29er – Rock Lobster 29″

Check out the latest and greatest in custom American made mountain bike goodness. These are my recent picks of the ...
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Intense Cycles custom EVO 951

[Bike Lust] Black Sheep Titanium 36er – Gold Intense EVO 951 – 616 Battle At The Burg – Lost And Found Singlespeed Igleheart

Another fresh batch of American made machines ready for your viewing pleasure. Black Sheep Titanium 36er Rigid "Marty Rubinson has ...
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Coconino mountain cruiser

[Bike Lust] Coconino Mtn Cruiser – Reed 650B DJ – Firefly Hardtail – Zealot Masochist Ti

The 2014 North American Handmade Bicycle Show is this weekend. To get fired up I've got another roundup of the ...
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Eriksen BradTi fat bike

[Bike Lust] Eriken Ti Fatty – Indy Fab Rigid – Retrotec Enduro – 44Bikes 29+

Happy Friday! I've got another batch of American made mountain bikes hot off the frame jig. Spring has sprung and ...
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Fast Boy Cycles mountain bike

[Bike Lust] Fast Boy Cycles – Ultimate Tight Ass

Fast Boy Cycles makes some incredible bicycles. I had never really seen a full blown mountain bike from Ezra Caldwell ...
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SCW Customs hardtail

[Bike Lust] Fat Chance MTB – Alliance – Turner – Flock of Black Sheep – SCW Customs

Happy Monday! I'm hitting you with another dose of the best looking American made mountain bikes from across the country ...
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2015 Oddity Cycles 29+ singlespeed

[Bike Lust] Firefly Oddity Twenty6 Moonmen Matter Turner Rosko Bicycle Fab

Happy Monday! I hope all of your Spring riding has been going well. I'm super stoked for the temps to ...
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2014 Foes Hydro

[Bike Lust] Foes Hydro & Shaver 27.5 – 2014 Pisgah – Cycles D’Autremont 27.5 – Retro Yeti – Twenty2 Ti Fat Back

This is my latest installment of the hottest American made mountain bikes from around the web. Flowrider Racing Foes Hydro ...
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[Bike Lust] Hardtail Madness - Sycip Moonmen Engin Sklar

[Bike Lust] Hardtail Madness – Sycip Moonmen Engin Sklar

It's been a little bit since I've published a Bike Lust article. News has been slow this June and July ...
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Custom Stinner steel 29

[Bike Lust] Independent Fabrication Rohloff 29er, Stinner Lefty Rohloff 29er, 611 Lugged 650B, Groovy Cycleworks Rat Rod Custom Mountain Bike

Independent Fabrication Steel Hardtail This steel 29" hardtail from Independent Fabrication has a sweet build and sick custom paintjob. The ...
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A Train Cycles Rigid

[Bike Lust] Indy Fab Deluxe Redux – Reeb Cycles SFP – A Train Rigid

In my many travels around the Interwebs I have came across some pretty slick looking rides from various American handmade ...
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Royal H 29er hardtail

[Bike Lust] Indy Fab Trick Or Treat – Hulkish Foes Hydro – Titanium Firefly – Royal H Hardtail – Lynskey Pro650

I haven't done a Bike Lust article in a few weeks so I thought I'd get this one posted up ...
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Big Jake Cooper's custom Intense Cycles SS2

[Bike Lust] Intense Cycles, Black Sheep Bikes, Generic Cycles, DeSalvo Cycles

These are the latest American made bikes and frames that I have seen lately that I love. Intense Cycles Custom ...
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English Cycles Robbie's 29er

[Bike Lust] Moonmen Chumba Oddity Sklar Retrotec Intense Alliance Ahearne

I have a really nice batch of American made mountain bikes for this Bike Lust article. Also threw in some ...
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Coconino 29+ mountain cruiser

[Bike Lust] Mosaic 27.5 – 616 Tandem 650B – Coconino Mountain Cruiser – Retrotec Double 29+ – 44Bikes 27.5 – Custom Turner Burners

After the summer lull in news and updates it seems like there have been a lot of great looking bikes ...
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[Bike Lust] North Of The Border Retrotec Klunkus

[Bike Lust] North Of The Border Retrotec Klunkus

This bike originated in the US by famed builder Curtis Inglis made for Canadian bike shop owner Darren McKay. NSMB ...
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Chumba USA hardtail mountain bike

[Bike Lust] Reeb Sklar Wiseman 44 Chumba Appleman Intense Firefly Moonmen

I have quite the round up of great American made mountain bikes. Builders are in full swing this Fall. They ...
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[Bike Lust] Retrotec Guerrilla Gravity Foes Graham Wiseman Durango Breadwinner

[Bike Lust] Retrotec Guerrilla Gravity Foes Graham Wiseman Durango Breadwinner

This batch of made in the USA handmade mountain bikes ended up being centered around some great "in the wild" ...
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Firefly titanium hardtail

[Bike Lust] Retrotec Hardtail – Fatback Fat Bike – Trek 970 – Firefly Hartail

Hopefully the Winter months are mostly behind us. Until Spring fully rolls in take a look at these hot rides ...
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Retrotec rigid mountain bike Gulf Theme

[Bike Lust] Retrotec, DeSalvo, Independent Fabrication, ByStickel

Lately some great names in handmade frames have been releasing some amazing looking bikes. Here are some recent favorites of ...
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Rosko Agave Slapper 29er

[Bike Lust] Rosko Matter Oddity Alliance Firefly Retrotec

There hasn't been a lot of new bikes posted lately. I think everyone is out riding and building. No time ...
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2015 Kelson Fat Bike

[Bike Lust] Samsara Meriwether Turner Reeb Rock Lobster Kelson Strong Indy Fab

Mega collection of great looking American made mountain bikes in this Bike Lust roundup. Builders around the country are kicking ...
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Independent Fabrication Chubby D-Lux fat bike

[Bike Lust] Stinner Rigid – DeSalvo 650B FS – Coconino HT – Indy Fab Chubby – Wolfhound 29+ – Engin Ti

It's time for another lusty roundup of some great American made mountain bike from around the country. Hope you enjoy ...
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Swappable dropouts from Waltworks

[Bike Lust] Turner, 44 Bikes, Black Cat Bicycles, and Waltworks

This is the latest round of hot American made mountain bikes that I've found from across the Internets. These are ...
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Sycip hardtail

[Bike Lust] Watson Hardtail – Firefly Ti 3×1 – Geekhouse MTB – 44 Bikes Fat Bike – Sycip Hardtail

Here is my latest round of the hottest looking American made mountain bikes from builders across the country Watson Cycles ...
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FTW Industries Odysseus 27.5 downhill bike

[Bike Lust] Watson Ti – 951 EVO – UZZI 27.5 – FTW Odysseus 27.5

Here is my latest and greatest collection of the American made mountain bikes from around the country. This round up ...
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Strong Frames Full Suspension

[Bike Lust] Zen Fab – 44 Bikes – Intense – Strong – Snyder

I wanted to post up a quick Bike Lust article before the 2015 North American Handmade Bicycle Show coverage started ...
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USA Mountain bikes

[Update] American Made Mountain Bikes: 3D Racing, Bob Keller, Budd Bike Works, DSB Bikes, Frank The Welder, Harvey Cycle Works, Kelson Custom Cycles

I have updated my Ultimate List: Mountain Bikes Made In America article with a lot of new mountain bike builders ...
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[Update] Ultimate Listing: Mountain Bikes Made In America

I've made some pretty big updates to the original listing of American made mountain bikes since I published it. The ...
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