Fat Bike

Fatbike Mountain Bike

Fatbike, also known as Fat Bike or Fat-Tire Bike or Snow Bike, is a mountain bike that has been equipped to ride on soft unstable terrain. such as snow, sand, bogs, and mud.

The telltale sign of a Fatbike is the oversized tires with extra wide rims.

Fatbikes have limited terrains they are designed to ride on, but they have become extremely popular due to their look and appeal to the average mountain biker. They look different, have alot of swagger, and look very cool. Many folks are buying these bikes as their only mountain bike for casual trails and all around pavement riding due to their looks.

Fatbike Mountain Bike Build

Typical setup of a downhill mountain bike include:

  • Suspension: Most have a hardtail in back and a standard fork up front. But it’s not uncommon to see a shock fork up front nowadays.
  • Suspension Travel
    • Front: Usually no front suspension, but we are seeing more suspension forks now
    • Rear: hardtail, usually no rear suspension
  • Brakes: Disc brakes are best. There’s lots of rolling mass with the wide rims and big tires.
  • Tubing: Aluminum frames are common as well as cromoly steel.
  • Weight: 28 lbs to 34 lbs is the typical weight range.

Check out our collection of Fatbike mountain bikes. Most of which are made right here in America.


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