Downhill Mountain Bike

The name says it all, this style of riding is for those that mainly ride down hills. Fast. Jumping over things at speed.

The bikes are normally too heavy to ride up desirable hills, so usually some other form of transportation is used to get to the top of the hill (ski lift chair, car, and oftentimes just legs pushing the bike up the hill).

This style is one of the most extreme and dangerous form of mountain biking one can do. And some of the most fun one will ever have on a mountain bike.

Downhill Mountain Bike Build

Typical setup of a downhill mountain bike include:

  • Suspension: both front and rear
  • Suspension Travel
    • Front: 7.9″ (approx) of travel with a dual-crown fork
    • Rear: 6.7″ to 9.8″ of travel
  • Brakes: Yes, big disc brakes. Both front and rear.
  • Tubing: Super strong, usually using heavier metals
  • Weight: 35 – 44 lbs is a typical range

Check out our collection of downhill mountain bikes. Most of which are made right here in America.

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Trevor Trinkino Riding Guerrilla Gravity GG/DH

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