Dirt Jumper

Dirt Jumper

Dirt jumping is nothing new, many riders have been doing this for years with BMX bikes. It was one of my favorite pasttimes growing up. What is relatively new, is using a mountain bike for dirt jumping.

These bikes are designed for acrobatics, fun, and showmanship. Not time, speed down a hill, or endurance. It’s all about style.

Dirt Jump mountain bikes look simpler to a mountain bike, with some also looking like bigger BMX bikes.

Typical characteristics are:

  • Lower standover height (compared to a typical mountain bike)
  • Rigid frame (no front or rear suspension)
  • Frame is usually smaller than a typical mountain bike
  • Most are single speed
  • Most run with only a rear brake
  • Wheels are typicall 24″ or 26″

Dirt Jump Bike Build

Typical setup of a Dirt Jump mountain bike include:

  • Suspension: rigid in front and rear. There are some making a limited travel rear suspension.
  • Suspension Travel
    • Front: 0″, rigid fork. It’s becoming more common to see a limited travel suspension fork.
    • Rear: 0″, rigid rear. A few frame builders are incorporating limited travel rear suspension.
  • Brakes: Single V-Brake in rear is common. Some are running dual disc brakes nowadays.
  • Tubing: Super strong, usually using heavier metals, with a longtime favorite being cromoly steel
  • Weight: 24 to 27 lbs is a typical range

Check out our collection of Dirt Jump mountain bikes. Most of which are made right here in America.

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