Adam Craig

Adam Craig To Focus On Enduro and Cyclo-cross

Adam Craig
Adam Craig

Highly decorated multi-time U.S. national champion Adam Craig is hanging up this XC racing career for now, says a story by Cycling News. He wants to focus on Enduro and Cyclo-cross racing to start something fresh. Seems he’s a bit burnt out on XC. Cyclo-cross and Enduro racing being in their more or less infant stages are more interesting to him at the moment for several reasons.

If you’d like to read about all the success Adam has had over the years and see why he might be looking for new challenges, check out his USA Cycling page.

“I’m trying to have a more holistic approach to racing in the future. Being on the Factory Team gives me more leeway to do the races I want to do,” said Craig. “For the next few years on the Factory Team, we’ll be focused on enduro racing and cyclo-cross. Those are different things, but I think they will be complimentary.” – Cycling News


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