[2013 NAHBS] Alliance Bicycles – Titanium 29er Hardtail

photos by: Jake Moore

Erik Rolf – Alliance Bicycles – Ketchum, Idaho

Erik Rolf - Alliance Bicycles

Erik Rolf – Alliance Bicycles

When you build your bikes how do they take shape with your customer?

“I start talking with the customer and take what they tell me and interpret it in to a frame design. I ask them where they ride, how they ride, any fit issues, what components they want on the frame, and max tire size. I also ask them how stiff they want their frame. I am very meticulous about choosing the tubing diameter for the frame to give it the correct stiffness. I can then create the design for the frame and then send off a blueprint to the customer. Sometimes there are revisions and sometimes the design is a slam dunk.”

front angle

Alliance Bicycles – Titanium 29er hardtail

Do you offer any standard models?

“All of my bikes are custom one off.”

Alliance titanium mountain bike cockpit

cockpit detail

What frame construction material options do you offer?

“Titanium and steel construction. I build mostly titanium.”

headtube detail

headtube detail

What do you offer with your frames that you think sets you apart from other builders?

“I don’t try to do a lot of crazy things with my bikes. I do offer a lot of options though. My frames are available to be built for every bottom bracket available, every headtube configuration, and every dropout you could want.”

SRAM X.0 drivetrain detail

SRAM X.0 drivetrain detail

Do you offer paint and powerdercoat finishes?

“I do offer paint or powdercoat. Powdercoating is done be Spectrum Powderworks. I have 4 different downtube logos available or can do fully custom.”

dropout detail

dropout detail

If you didn’t build bikes what would you do?

“Maybe work in a bike shop or be an accountant. I have an accounting degree.”

bottom bracket construction detail

bottom bracket construction detail

What was your first childhood bike?

“I had a badass Murray that was flat black with red handlebars. It was a single speed type mountain bike with 24” wheels.”

downtube logo

downtube logo

How long have you been riding mountain bikes?

“Since about 13. I had a GT RTS with Race Face Turbines and Amp fork. It was purple.”

incredibly nice headtube construction

incredibly nice headtube construction

Do you have a favorite trail?

“I like to ride all over.”

seattube cluster detail

seattube cluster detail

Shimano or SRAM?

“Shimano. Can’t beat the latest XTR”

2013 NAHBS - Alliance Bicycles Titanium 29er Hardtail

notice the seatpost is brushed so when you drop it down for descents the scratches can be refreshed over time

Burrito or taco?


1920 x 1200 Wallpaper
Alliance Bicycles wallpaper

Alliance Bicycles wallpaper

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