Top Ten Guide – Best 29″ Mountain Bike Tires

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  1. jason says:

    Panaracer rampage should definitely be on the list.

  2. Daniel says:

    And specialized renegade 1.95

  3. Tim says:

    Add: Geax Saguaro – excellent all arounder. Light, true to size, inexpensive, tough

    Remove: X-King – I love the tread and the compound but this is a weak tire. <100 miles and mine developed a side bulge. Quite a common occurrence with these tires.

    • Etienne says:

      I second that. Nice tire but mine also developped huge side bulge within less than 100 km.

    • Robert st. Jean says:

      Wish conti would thicken up the sidewall on the x- king. Very thin and porous sidewall make this a weak choice for the tubeless systems. I love the tread pattern also.

  4. Bob says:

    love my new WTB TCS Nine Line 2.0…great for rolling fast on hard pack, grass and the paved portions of trails. To get full potential ya gotta ditch the tubes!

  5. josh says:

    Author says “stay away from the 2.25” Maxxis Ardent, but gives no explanation about why. It is not as beefy as the 2.4, and I wouldn’t expect it to handle the chunk as well as a 2.4. That said, it’s a great tire at 690g, even on the front of my ride for the last 150miles. Perhaps the why will come later in the season as the soil starts to loosen up.

  6. Travis says:

    Love my Nobby Nic’s but am wishing for a bit more bite up front. Moving to a han’s Danf for the front engagement.

  7. RoogieRoo says:

    How about the WTB NanoRaptor for fast rolling tire? Absolutely terrifying when cornering, but smokes on the straightaways!!

  8. luke says:

    hows about halo twin rails 29ers, fast, smooth and grippy round the bends gotta be a place out there for em.

  9. alonso says:

    well , i used renegade and fast track for xc rides and racing ralph with rocket ron for winter , really nice tires

  10. Mark Turner-Smith says:

    Conti Mountain King 2.2 front for winter with Conti X king 2.2 rear.
    All day long perfect combo – quick grippy.
    X king 2.2 front & rear summer.
    Both great ethier out by myself on trails or racing.

  11. martini says:

    Don’t forget CST…I have the cabellero which IS the maxxis ignitor for less $$ but are heavy! though great in mud.

    For dry…the VEE rubber “super vee” 2.35 won out over my small block 8’s easily..and are lightweight as well. ($9 at pricepoint).

    fyi…cst has some other great tires for cheap…love my rock hawks as well for all-round

    Just wish someone would re-issue the onza porcupines in 29″….well, no not really, but white rubber is dope!…well, no not really.


  12. Jeffrey says:

    I see this list was posted since 2013, is it still up to date 2015?

  13. Marcel Chretien says:

    I ride a Kenda Nevagal 2.2 and I’m satisfied with it since it offers a good traction and good hooking on inclined surfaces (as you probably understand, I use it on the rear). It is knoby on the sides, the knobs are protuding more than the sidewalls (which I think is better for extended life of the sidewalls) and inflates wider than advertised (~ 2.3 in which to me is a bonus)

  14. Marcel Chretien says:

    I bought a 29er Continental Mountain King II 2.4 Pro. Mounted it, inflated it and; found it wasn’t as wide as advertised (~ 2.2 in instead of 2.4 which to me is misleading adverising), the sidewalls were protuding more than the side knobs, removed it from the rim without even riding it. It is now back into the package it was delivered with and for sale. Please Continental spec your tires for the with they really are.

  15. Marcel Chretien says:

    Can anyone tell among the tires in the present list advertised for a width between 2.3 and 2.4 in which ones are really making it (ore more if any) and which ones offer side knobs protuding more than the sidewalls ?

  16. Ernest S. says:

    Does anyone knows anything or ever rode on Maxxis 29×2.50 Minion DHF DH Casing 3C MaxxGrip Tubeless Ready ?

  17. De Klerk Jacobs says:

    Maxxis Crossmarks are the best

  18. Jester says:

    I need help. I’m on a 29er. 70% streets 30% trails. What’s my best front and back combo be? Please help..

  19. ROBERT says:

    You can get the Maxxis Ignitor in a 2.35..
    Love it in the 2.10. CAN’T wait to try the wider version.

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