Top 10 Mountain Biking Things I’m Thankful For

thankfulI wanted to write an article that lets you guys know what I’m most thankful for in this great sport. A lot things have changed over the years, making mountain biking more enjoyable and increasing performance. Hopefully you find the list interesting and include your thoughts about what you’re thankful for in the comments.

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Top 10 Things In Mountain Biking I’m Thankful For In 2013

1. The Readers Of This Site – 2013 has been a great year for the site. After my first full year I’m more excited than ever and should be able to put more time back into this site. Since September of last year there has been almost 150,00o unique visitors to the site. I want to personally thank all of the readers of this site for their readership and support. I hope you enjoy all of the American made mountain bike content. I’m always on the look out for great content and thinking of articles to write. If you have anything you’d like for me to write about, please send me a message through the Contact Page.

2. Helmets – Over the past few years helmets have really evolved. Full face and all-mountain / Enduro style helmet designs and protection technology has really stepped up. You have a lot more choices and styles available than ever before. Below are my favorites from 2013.

3. Action Cameras & Mounts – Action cameras have came a long way from where they started. There seems to be more companies entering the market each year and the veterans like GoPro just keep making their products better. While the video technology has increased, so has the supporting companies that provide accessories and mounts for theses cameras. American made K-Edge has relentlessly released new mounts for cameras and computers/GPS units allowing you to mount them in just about every place or angle you could want. Check out my previous articles on action cameras with reviews. My favorite is still GoPro. It shoots great quality video and is supported very well by the aftermarket.

4. Good Tires – My guide to the best 29er mountain bike tires has been one of the most successful articles I’ve written for the site. I know a lot of riders out there struggle to find just the right tire for them, while others have die hard opinions on what is the best. I’m thankful that there are so many choices and the quality of the tread designs and rubber compounds keep improving. Companies like Schwalbe and Maxxis keep pumping out great products that I always look to first when scoping out new rubber.

5. Suspension Components – Suspension technology is another progressive product that seems to improve each year. While there used to be only a few big names in suspension, the tide seems to be turning with lots of other brands putting out their own quality offerings. X-Fusion, White Brothers, and Magura all have solid fork suspension products that compete with the big guys. I was especially thankful for more 27.5 fork options and FOX’s 34 fork. As for rear suspension I think North Carolina made Cane Creek is still dominant but a lot of other companies are trying really hard to come up to their level.

6. Drivetrain Improvements – The host of new drivetrain options for mountain bikers is exciting for me. I have really enjoyed the 1X movement. Not having to run a chainguide thanks to new chainring tooth profiles and clutch derailleurs makes me smile. You can check out my 1X drivetrain guide if you want to know more info.

7. American Workers – I am thankful for all of those involved in the American mountain bike industry workforce. From frame builders to machine operators. I want to thank you for all of the quality products you build and the industry you keep alive.

8. YouTube – It’s amazing to think about how things were before YouTube and online streaming outlets. You can watch so many races, check out trail videos, learn about riding technique, and even maintenance and repair instructions. Without YouTube and mountain bike outlets like MPORA the online world would be a lot more boring.

9. Facebook Friends – I’m thankful for the ability to check in on so many Facebook friends. All of the handmade builders’, shops’, and race series’ posts help me keep up to date with what is going on around the country and allow me to really get to know a lot more people in the industry.

10. Those That Have Helped With Articles – I want to thank all of the riders I’ve hit up for information on their bikes, my photographer Jake Moore for 2013 NAHBS, and everyone else that has helped with any articles on the site.

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